Thursday, March 21, 2013

Make Money Blogging - The Secret Sauce

Are you one of thousands of people wishing they could make money blogging from the comfort  of your home?

If you came across this page it is likely that considering how to make money blogging is on the top of your list of things to evaluate as a work at home option.  After all, your computer is the most available tool for leveraging your time while browsing from home.  A study that was published in 2009 by the Huffington Post suggested that Americans spend 8 hours of every day staring into screens.  

The "Cyber Stress" study conducted by Kelton Research suggests that we are becoming more dependent on our computers each year with over 84% of the study's participants admitting "they could not live without their computers." appears you are not alone in your quest to slay the internet dragon while learning how to make money blogging.  In fact, most people who are already blogging are also trying to effectively monetize their site.  

Let's think about this for just a moment.  If so many people are trying to figure out how to blog for dollars does that not open a huge opportunity for those of us who can help them to do so.  The secret in affect is in the pudding.  

Read the previous paragraph one more time...the secret to make money blogging is teaching others to do so!  We just identified a large market of people thirsting for information you can provide.

You are probably thinking that you are trying to learn how to make money blogging so, how could you teach it to someone else.  The secret sauce inside the blogging industry is that everyone who is learning is also teaching about what they are learning.  Posting 4 or so times per week about things that you discover about blogging is exactly what everyone else wants to read.  You will begin to make money from blogging when you devote yourself to the very activity that everyone else is seeking.  

Your goal as a blogger is to provide information that people want and are willing to spend time seeking out.  If you build it, they will come!  Teach others to make money blogging by vigorously researching  the subject yourself and then sharing this information with your audience.  Be thorough about your investigations and become the 'go to'  voice for an audience thirsting for the information that you offer.

There are shortcuts that you will want to learn along the way.  Joining a blogging network can give you far more rapid exposure to the search engines.  

What is a blogging network?

A blogging network is a group of bloggers that have decided to provide content through one portal or site complex.  Each of the bloggers may have other established websites or blogs but understand that affiliation with an authority site with high search engine rankings can attract more attention than their own independent sites.  The SEO (search engine optimization) provided by an authority site combined with thousands of content providers will feed the unquenchable thirst of search engine spiders for a continuous stream of data - content.

How does SEO work to help you make money from blogging?

Your affiliation with a blogging network that is programmed from the ground-up and with SEO of the site complex as a priority will give you an edge up.  The SEO intelligence of a blogging network involves elaborate indexing that follows explicit guidelines in line with the algorithms of Google and other major search engines.  Your content will be buoyed to the top of first page results in Google when you keep your postings 'in-line' with keyword character count supported by built-in SEO.  

If the network offers affiliate products within it's marketing intelligence, that is where you can make money blogging right out of the gate.  You can make money blogging if you make the right decisions early on in your blogging career.  

Get tapping on those keys and use that computer to make money blogging!

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