Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SEO Pro Connect Gets You First Page Results

Is there anyone else besides me that has banged their head against the wall trying to be their own webmaster for all of their sites?  More easily said then done, right?

Were you shooting for somewhere on the first page and one of the first seven positions for a specific keyword on Google?

Whether you are a SEO pro or not every one of us building websites or blogs is shooting for a position on the first page of Google results.  That is, of course, what makes it so difficult to achieve.  I have, however, experienced what it feels like to get to first page and there is no real secret other than rolling up your sleeves and going to work.  Of course, an interface like SEO Pro Connect helps...more on that in a moment.

Building authority with first page results is the single most important thing you can do as a blogger or website builder.

Search optimization marketing is either successful or not, depending on your developed expertise as a website builder.  A website with a well planned architectural design positions you for authority with the search engines.  How to do SEO work and where to get an education in SEO is the tricky part for most self starters.

The search engines job is to match your content with a person's search query.  Therefore the more your site contains a clear subject theme the more the search engines like you.  Your goal should be to provide the highest quality content with 'right on-page optimization' and do the work of a SEO pro.

Your primary goal as a SEO pro is to make sure that your site contains more than just targeted keyword phrases -  it is about the themes connected to those keywords.  Write the content so that your reader experience is seamless and without requirement for them to go elsewhere looking for the answers to their questions.

SEO Pro Connect

Most of you know by now that adding a blog to your website puts you into a position of authority providing you frequently contribute information..  Frequent postings to your website can, of course, become your greatest challenge. If you carefully map a plan for content development you will make your life quite a bit easier. The result will be to reduce the amount of stress associated with your writing.

A blog, by virtue of frequently posted content, adds a dynamic element to your website that attracts the attention of the search engines.  Search optimization marketing caters to the search engines insatiable appetite for content.

A new innovation in search optimization marketing has recently been introduced to the internet world with SEO Pro Connect.  SEO Pro Connect enables the construction of gateway pages.

Cross-linking your blog posts to gateway pages then adds yet another layer of SEO to your site complex.  Gateway pages act as portals or entry points to your posts.  The SEO Pro Connect interface built into the Level One Network is an easy to work with tool as you will see in the video that follows this post.

This tool has eased my burden as has the other search engine optimization marketing tools contained within the Level One Network blogging system.  You can now avoid the added expense of hiring a SEO pro and, in essence, become one yourself with the online education provided by the Level One Network.  Here is a video with more on the Level One Network and SEO Pro Connect:

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