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Rippln Mobile Phone App Review - Is Rippln for Real?

Rippln mobile phone app review - What is the Rippln social network?

Have you ever thrown a stone in a pond and watched the ripple effect move across the surface of the water?

We don't always understand the physics of what causes the ripple but we can be observers of a phenomena.  Rippln is just such a phenomena - real or not - we will soon know.  We may not understand the power of a social ripple but we certainly can observe it.  

I was recently invited by a trusted friend and business associate to join the Rippln community and become part of the 'ripple effect.' I hesitated for a moment contemplating why I would want to be part of something I knew very little about.  My friend suggested it would be fun and probably an easy way to make money and that it had something to do with smartphone apps.

He also shared that Mark Hoverson, a trusted name in the online marketing world, had endorsed this social network.  I also had heard that both Joel Comm and Ann Sieg had both endorsed this network so I thought why not.  These are all trusted names in the internet marketing industry.  I then asked for my invitation to become part of the team and dove more deeply into exactly what this network was all about.

The Rippln mobile phone app review - Who knows about Rippln?

The first question in my mind was, of course, what is Rippln and so I decided to put this Rippln mobile phone app review together for everyone else that might ask the same question.

It seems a firestorm has been created inside the smartphone apps world by Rippln.  The inventive marketing approach to creating a social buzz prior to launch is brilliant from my point of view.  Thousands and what will turn into millions of people are tuned into a brand new and free phone app that is in its formative stages of distribution.  

Rippln is currently in a pre-launch phase and growing very quickly as a global network.  I, for example, have written just a few articles, posted them on my blog and I am already receiving requests for invitations from all corners of the world.  I have already been contacted by people in the Phillipines, Taiwan, England, Singapore, and all reaches of the United States. 

Smartphone apps had already been trending. Add the potential for an easy way to make money and the fact that this phone app will manage our social media needs, shopping, games,advertising, and many things yet unknown - well the ripple effect of Rippln appears unstoppable.

The Rippln mobile phone app review - Who makes the money?

I mentioned earlier that a potentially easy way to make money has helped to create the stir.  Not only will Rippln provide products and services that we all use but they are willing to pay all of us for sharing this phone app with other people.  Commissions will also be paid on all sales that are made within the app.  The phone app is free and there is absolutely no risk - no downside.

Imagine if the big boys like Facebook and Google would have made affiliates from all of their members as they joined and would have paid them to share the good news.  Those social networks are growing even without a potential for earning money.  In fact, those social networks make money on all of us as we advertise,gamify, and share content on their platforms.  Hmmm...

The Rippln mobile phone app review - What is Rippln's present stage of growth?

Mobile app technology has experienced significant growth over the last 5 years.  There is no sign this will be changing other than to get bigger as time progresses.

Rippln's visionaries have positioned their company to ride this growing trend in phone app technologies.  They have created a phone app that is promising to be one of the best communication apps yet designed.    

Rippln has been in a stealth stage where you could only be ushered into the network by personal invitation only.  Your invitation would be delivered by email or mobile phone text and you were required to sign a NDA (non disclosure application).  

Rippln has now entered what is referred to as the Buzz stage where all of it's core members are permitted to use the Rippln videos to advertise and build the network offering everyone to become free app users.  

The Rippln social effect appears to be unstoppable!  Projections have 20 million users of this free phone app joining within the next 12 months with a potential growth rate of up to 200 million users in the next 2 years.

The Rippln mobile phone app review - Is is time to get started?

Would you like to get in front of that growth curve?  

I asked the very same question and the answer quickly became a resounding yes!  With no downside risk and the potential for immense growth over the next few years this Rippln mobile phone app review says go for it. 

The viral nature of this already fast growing network suggests that getting yourself in the mix now is a no brainer.  Start your ripple - throw your stone - and let's have fun watching this wave hit every shoreline in the world. 

Watch this Rippln mobile phone app review video for some basic knowledge of the concept.

Participating in Rippln's marketing plan is optional but free and as I have mentioned earlier there is no downside to this event.  Many major internet marketing personalities have endorsed this social network and if it becomes as big as projected you may regret not having gotten involved when the the ripple had just begun.  Now is the best time ever for making money with mobile phone apps so act judiciously and quickly.

The Rippln mobile phone app review - How do I get started?

You will receive an invitation by filling in the form listed by clicking here.  You can either receive your invitation code by email or text.  Each of us is provided with 5 invite spots that we must completely fill before 5 other spots will become available. 

The code you will get expires within a 24 hour period.  Please respond to your invitation code immediately because it will expire within a 24 hour cycle, the door is then shut.  

Once your have accepted your invitation, you will have the ability to invite others. Please be patient with the process of receiving your invitation as there is a massive demand for invitations at the present time.  Please fill out only one invitation request.

To get your Rippln mobile phone app review invitation please enter your full name and email.  If you want the invitation code sent by text then please provide your mobile phone number.  

I look forward to seeing you all on the inside!  It will be fun to watch the ripple grow!

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Push Button Power Leads - Internet Network Marketing Sales

If you are an internet network marketing enthusiast seeking a simple way to generate more leads for your business consider a sales funnel already designed to do just that...

Internet network marketing is a broad field of endeavor that many of us are now looking towards as a way to leverage our business practices.  

Some would argue that it is an impersonal way to attract customers and business builders. Others would contend that internet network marketing leverages our efforts as a priority in a fast moving world where people are overwhelmed and unable to focus.

Internet Network Marketing Creates Conversations That Matter

Push Button Power Leads was born from Dennis Bayne's desire to bring to network marketers a simple method for creating conversations that matter.   His contention is that all relationships start with a conversation.  Relationship building remains the heart and soul of effective networking. The internet is simply used as a tool for acquiring lead sources.
Internet Network Marketing

His programmer suggests that high tech and high touch must be combined to create the kind of conversation that can be productive for the
internet network marketing strategist.  

The Push Button Power Leads system is designed to bring that second person to the conversation.  

Reaching for ways to generate leads within your internet network marketing efforts has just been made far easier with this newly launched system of lead acquisition.  Push Button Power Leads was launched on February 13th, 2013.

You are guaranteed to receive 3-5 calls per day from networkers that have chosen to pick up the phone and call you. Their inspiration for calling you is a simple message that they have received and that you have recorded and filed with a system for voice broadcasting that Bayne has programmed for calling networkers.   

These are networkers from other companies that Bayne has identified as prospects that are willing to buy.  And yes, I know what you are thinking.  "If these people are already involved with other companies then why would they be interested in speaking to me about my company?"  

Allow me to clarify the importance of having conversations with other people who are in the business of internet network marketing.  These are your peers, seasoned networkers or newcomers to the profession that will likely consider your offer if it is effectively communicated.  

Statistically, most entrepreneurs and especially network marketers will consider other offers for the purpose of creating multiple income streams.  

A larger percentage than you may think are either disenfranchised by their sponsorships, unhappy with their compensation, disappointed with the products they may have purchased, or unhappy with the company they have joined.  Your conversation with them could quite easily forge a new partnership and one that is potentially quite productive.  

It pays to have conversations with professionals in your business that are already familiar with the territory. Professionals know how to produce checks for themselves, they have had varying amounts of training, understand compensation plans, and understand the work ethic required to succeed in the business.

Push Button Power Leads are, in fact, derived from lead sources that have proven a willingness to spend money to join a network marketing company.   These are not MLM leads that you call to convince or coerce into buying from you. These are your peers, entrepreneurs calling you and willing to create a relationship with you that in many cases will lead to a collaboration of effort. 

There is no marketing required on your part to acquire these lead sources.  The Push Button Power Lead System has been designed so that their affiliate will not need to learn the technology of voice broadcasting, building websites, or designing sales funnels.  It is essentially a plug and play system that makes the initial contact with prospects, provides training, and sends all of the follow-up messages required to stay in touch with your prospect.

The PBPL internet network marketing sales funnel works like this:

All prospects will call a number you have supplied to the PBPL system. They are then driven to the webpage you have acquired from the PBPL system that contains a video that will explain how the system works and why it works.   The company guarantees a minimum of 100 calls per month and additional calls can be purchased when you are ready to scale up your internet network marketing business.

How much does it cost?

The PBPL system is an affiliate program that promotes a basic concept of marketing intelligence.  Your return on investment is generated because of the system itself.  The affiliate compensation provides a 100% commision to you when someone you refer also purchases the PBPL system for lead generation.  Additionally, you will earn $20 each month as a residual compensation each month your referral continues to use the system.  Your costs are a one time fee of $200 for the use of the system and a $97 per month cost to receive your 100 calls per month.

Your time as an internet network marketer should be spent on the phone building relationships.  Allowing technology to do the work of gathering the leads will give you the freedom to relax on the phone with those that call you.   

Forging relationships with your future business partners now becomes the only focus you will want to have as you grow your team of elite marketers.  

If you would like to learn more about the Push Button Power Lead System for generating network marketing leads click here.

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SEO Pro Connect Gets You First Page Results

Is there anyone else besides me that has banged their head against the wall trying to be their own webmaster for all of their sites?  More easily said then done, right?

Were you shooting for somewhere on the first page and one of the first seven positions for a specific keyword on Google?

Whether you are a SEO pro or not every one of us building websites or blogs is shooting for a position on the first page of Google results.  That is, of course, what makes it so difficult to achieve.  I have, however, experienced what it feels like to get to first page and there is no real secret other than rolling up your sleeves and going to work.  Of course, an interface like SEO Pro Connect helps...more on that in a moment.

Building authority with first page results is the single most important thing you can do as a blogger or website builder.

Search optimization marketing is either successful or not, depending on your developed expertise as a website builder.  A website with a well planned architectural design positions you for authority with the search engines.  How to do SEO work and where to get an education in SEO is the tricky part for most self starters.

The search engines job is to match your content with a person's search query.  Therefore the more your site contains a clear subject theme the more the search engines like you.  Your goal should be to provide the highest quality content with 'right on-page optimization' and do the work of a SEO pro.

Your primary goal as a SEO pro is to make sure that your site contains more than just targeted keyword phrases -  it is about the themes connected to those keywords.  Write the content so that your reader experience is seamless and without requirement for them to go elsewhere looking for the answers to their questions.

SEO Pro Connect

Most of you know by now that adding a blog to your website puts you into a position of authority providing you frequently contribute information..  Frequent postings to your website can, of course, become your greatest challenge. If you carefully map a plan for content development you will make your life quite a bit easier. The result will be to reduce the amount of stress associated with your writing.

A blog, by virtue of frequently posted content, adds a dynamic element to your website that attracts the attention of the search engines.  Search optimization marketing caters to the search engines insatiable appetite for content.

A new innovation in search optimization marketing has recently been introduced to the internet world with SEO Pro Connect.  SEO Pro Connect enables the construction of gateway pages.

Cross-linking your blog posts to gateway pages then adds yet another layer of SEO to your site complex.  Gateway pages act as portals or entry points to your posts.  The SEO Pro Connect interface built into the Level One Network is an easy to work with tool as you will see in the video that follows this post.

This tool has eased my burden as has the other search engine optimization marketing tools contained within the Level One Network blogging system.  You can now avoid the added expense of hiring a SEO pro and, in essence, become one yourself with the online education provided by the Level One Network.  Here is a video with more on the Level One Network and SEO Pro Connect:

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Make Money Blogging - The Secret Sauce

Are you one of thousands of people wishing they could make money blogging from the comfort  of your home?

If you came across this page it is likely that considering how to make money blogging is on the top of your list of things to evaluate as a work at home option.  After all, your computer is the most available tool for leveraging your time while browsing from home.  A study that was published in 2009 by the Huffington Post suggested that Americans spend 8 hours of every day staring into screens.  

The "Cyber Stress" study conducted by Kelton Research suggests that we are becoming more dependent on our computers each year with over 84% of the study's participants admitting "they could not live without their computers."

So...it appears you are not alone in your quest to slay the internet dragon while learning how to make money blogging.  In fact, most people who are already blogging are also trying to effectively monetize their site.  

Let's think about this for just a moment.  If so many people are trying to figure out how to blog for dollars does that not open a huge opportunity for those of us who can help them to do so.  The secret in affect is in the pudding.  

Read the previous paragraph one more time...the secret to make money blogging is teaching others to do so!  We just identified a large market of people thirsting for information you can provide.

You are probably thinking that you are trying to learn how to make money blogging so, how could you teach it to someone else.  The secret sauce inside the blogging industry is that everyone who is learning is also teaching about what they are learning.  Posting 4 or so times per week about things that you discover about blogging is exactly what everyone else wants to read.  You will begin to make money from blogging when you devote yourself to the very activity that everyone else is seeking.  

Your goal as a blogger is to provide information that people want and are willing to spend time seeking out.  If you build it, they will come!  Teach others to make money blogging by vigorously researching  the subject yourself and then sharing this information with your audience.  Be thorough about your investigations and become the 'go to'  voice for an audience thirsting for the information that you offer.

There are shortcuts that you will want to learn along the way.  Joining a blogging network can give you far more rapid exposure to the search engines.  

What is a blogging network?

A blogging network is a group of bloggers that have decided to provide content through one portal or site complex.  Each of the bloggers may have other established websites or blogs but understand that affiliation with an authority site with high search engine rankings can attract more attention than their own independent sites.  The SEO (search engine optimization) provided by an authority site combined with thousands of content providers will feed the unquenchable thirst of search engine spiders for a continuous stream of data - content.

How does SEO work to help you make money from blogging?

Your affiliation with a blogging network that is programmed from the ground-up and with SEO of the site complex as a priority will give you an edge up.  The SEO intelligence of a blogging network involves elaborate indexing that follows explicit guidelines in line with the algorithms of Google and other major search engines.  Your content will be buoyed to the top of first page results in Google when you keep your postings 'in-line' with keyword character count supported by built-in SEO.  

If the network offers affiliate products within it's marketing intelligence, that is where you can make money blogging right out of the gate.  You can make money blogging if you make the right decisions early on in your blogging career.  

Get tapping on those keys and use that computer to make money blogging!

For more information about blogging for money feel free to contact me @ 352-505-7559 or go to http://levelonenetwork.com/globalblogger/join

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Level One Network Reveals The Secrets of Blogging Successfully

Have you ever asked yourself what it might take to create a viral buzz around the very subject that you most like to talk about?

Why are so many people blogging and why are some of these bloggers so successful?

Is it the viral video marketing campaigns they have launched?  Is it their blogging writing style, their strategies, or the tactics that they have implemented to draw a crowd?

Having traveled extensively in Europe I would always be amazed by the street performers that would draw a crowd as if by magic.  Most of them certainly had talent but a few had an ability to create a buzz in the crowd.  These memories bring me to a bridge in Prague where street performers would regularly entertain a captive audience.  People in the audience were gladly giving donations to the performing artists who were willing to provide value each day for the tourists passing by.

The secrets to blogging successfully combine a number of attraction principles and most importantly the ability to build a permanent structure for the delivery of your information.  Law of attraction principles suggest that you can unify your thoughts with the actions that you take on a daily basis.  If you believe that you can manifest specific outcomes based upon thoughts that inspire actions, then you gain a very real advantage in the faith of knowing that everything you strive to accomplish reaches an inevitable conclusion - it is simply a matter of time.

Faith drives consistent actions and in the blogging world - a steady hand will deliver a congruent message that will be heard!

Blogging is a constant and never ending work in progress.  Good mentors are important and your desire to be a student of the art and science of blogging is paramount.  A good blogging network like Level One Network can only add to your success.

Level One Network is a growing affiliate network composed of authors - content providers that have chosen to collectively work towards a common goal.  The goal is, of course, exposure.  A network can be infinitely more powerful that a single blogging entity or website.  The sheer volume of content that is provided to the main page of the network buoys everyone's content to the top of Google search results.  An added feature of the network is the online education provided for those who seriously want to make money from home using their computer to do so.

Techniques and tactics are openly shared among the affiliates.  The Master Training Series that is offered by Level One Network is a college education in computer sciences wrapped around highly specific structural components that build a complex web of linkage among the many touch points that are woven together.  In other words, you will learn to build permanence into the structure of your virtual web.

Master Training Series
And then there is the Level One Video Network.  This viral video marketing machine feeds multi-media productions directly into the search engines from the main page of the Level One Network.  The sophisticated programming that has created the Level One Network search engine optimization design provides immediate access for your content.

Dan Miller, the CEO of the Level One Network assures his affiliate marketers that they will learn the secrets of blogging but more importantly create a legacy income built upon a strong foundation.  He emphasizes that each blog posting campaign be carefully planned out to include a number of elements.

Building a blog posting campaign is much like building a house.  If you were to place one brick on top of another without applying the proper amount of mortar there would be grave consequences.  In the world of internet marketing a lack of structure and depth may lead to consequences and a lot of work for very little return.

Your mindset is the most crucial of the elements.  Establish a mindset with vision to implement your goals and  think through the process.  The secrets of blogging for a 6 figure income is more than just tactics and techniques.  Establish a faith based approach to how you go about your blogging.  Faith is a powerful force and will propel you forward with a conciseness in your message to your audience.

A successful blogging experience will be the result of your faith, your mindset, your vision, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to identify what your audience wants from you.

Shoot for a sky without limits and a 6 figure blogging experience will be yours for the taking.  If you would like to learn more about the Level One Network and how viral video marketing can only help with your desire to blog effectively please do visit:  http://levelonenetwork.com/globalblogger/join or take a quick peek at the following video.

Click Here if you would like to know how to get started with the Level One Network.

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