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Push Button Power Leads - Internet Network Marketing Sales

If you are an internet network marketing enthusiast seeking a simple way to generate more leads for your business consider a sales funnel already designed to do just that...

Internet network marketing is a broad field of endeavor that many of us are now looking towards as a way to leverage our business practices.  

Some would argue that it is an impersonal way to attract customers and business builders. Others would contend that internet network marketing leverages our efforts as a priority in a fast moving world where people are overwhelmed and unable to focus.

Internet Network Marketing Creates Conversations That Matter

Push Button Power Leads was born from Dennis Bayne's desire to bring to network marketers a simple method for creating conversations that matter.   His contention is that all relationships start with a conversation.  Relationship building remains the heart and soul of effective networking. The internet is simply used as a tool for acquiring lead sources.
Internet Network Marketing

His programmer suggests that high tech and high touch must be combined to create the kind of conversation that can be productive for the
internet network marketing strategist.  

The Push Button Power Leads system is designed to bring that second person to the conversation.  

Reaching for ways to generate leads within your internet network marketing efforts has just been made far easier with this newly launched system of lead acquisition.  Push Button Power Leads was launched on February 13th, 2013.

You are guaranteed to receive 3-5 calls per day from networkers that have chosen to pick up the phone and call you. Their inspiration for calling you is a simple message that they have received and that you have recorded and filed with a system for voice broadcasting that Bayne has programmed for calling networkers.   

These are networkers from other companies that Bayne has identified as prospects that are willing to buy.  And yes, I know what you are thinking.  "If these people are already involved with other companies then why would they be interested in speaking to me about my company?"  

Allow me to clarify the importance of having conversations with other people who are in the business of internet network marketing.  These are your peers, seasoned networkers or newcomers to the profession that will likely consider your offer if it is effectively communicated.  

Statistically, most entrepreneurs and especially network marketers will consider other offers for the purpose of creating multiple income streams.  

A larger percentage than you may think are either disenfranchised by their sponsorships, unhappy with their compensation, disappointed with the products they may have purchased, or unhappy with the company they have joined.  Your conversation with them could quite easily forge a new partnership and one that is potentially quite productive.  

It pays to have conversations with professionals in your business that are already familiar with the territory. Professionals know how to produce checks for themselves, they have had varying amounts of training, understand compensation plans, and understand the work ethic required to succeed in the business.

Push Button Power Leads are, in fact, derived from lead sources that have proven a willingness to spend money to join a network marketing company.   These are not MLM leads that you call to convince or coerce into buying from you. These are your peers, entrepreneurs calling you and willing to create a relationship with you that in many cases will lead to a collaboration of effort. 

There is no marketing required on your part to acquire these lead sources.  The Push Button Power Lead System has been designed so that their affiliate will not need to learn the technology of voice broadcasting, building websites, or designing sales funnels.  It is essentially a plug and play system that makes the initial contact with prospects, provides training, and sends all of the follow-up messages required to stay in touch with your prospect.

The PBPL internet network marketing sales funnel works like this:

All prospects will call a number you have supplied to the PBPL system. They are then driven to the webpage you have acquired from the PBPL system that contains a video that will explain how the system works and why it works.   The company guarantees a minimum of 100 calls per month and additional calls can be purchased when you are ready to scale up your internet network marketing business.

How much does it cost?

The PBPL system is an affiliate program that promotes a basic concept of marketing intelligence.  Your return on investment is generated because of the system itself.  The affiliate compensation provides a 100% commision to you when someone you refer also purchases the PBPL system for lead generation.  Additionally, you will earn $20 each month as a residual compensation each month your referral continues to use the system.  Your costs are a one time fee of $200 for the use of the system and a $97 per month cost to receive your 100 calls per month.

Your time as an internet network marketer should be spent on the phone building relationships.  Allowing technology to do the work of gathering the leads will give you the freedom to relax on the phone with those that call you.   

Forging relationships with your future business partners now becomes the only focus you will want to have as you grow your team of elite marketers.  

If you would like to learn more about the Push Button Power Lead System for generating network marketing leads click here.

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